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  • 0723b880-a6ef-4d86-a6d9-7a3991be4248_W560_OPERATION
    Stretch film
    Thin and resistant material for stabilization of goods on the pallet during storage and transport.
    Shrink film
    Film that shrinks around goods on the pallet when heat-treated – optimal solution for packaging bulk items.
  • SPUŽVASTA FOLIJA 1200mm1mm, 600m2
    Protective films
    Ideal choice for packaging very delicate loads.
  • adhesive-tape-250x250
    Self adhesive tapes
    Wide usage – mostly for closing cardboxes.
  • PP TRAKE – AUTOMATIC BLACK 10X0,40MM 20X15, 1500
    Strips for optimal stabilization of heavy objects on larger dimensions.
  • mini_roll-500x500
    Different solutions for easier work with stretch film.
“Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items."
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